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The Most Sulit Skincare

Ohayō from Japan! I’m taking a quick break from exploring Tokyo to share with you all something super “sulit”. If you’re a budget savvy gal like me, but also love really good (and I mean, GOOD) skincare, then read on!

If you’re wondering what sulit means, in Tagalog/Filipino, it is a word that means “worth it”. It may also be used to describe things or experiences that are worth it – in spite/despite of the money you’ve spent to acquire or experience it.

With the rise of the 10 step Korean skincare trend, it’s hard not to spend on quality skincare products that would make up your own regimen. You know, cleansers for double cleansing, a toner to set the tone (ahihi) for the rest of the products that you’ll put on your face aka serums, masks, etc. I have been purchasing quite a lot of new skincare products in hopes of finding my new skin saving combo/s. And I’ll have to admit, it’s quite overwhelming with all the different brands, products, and ingredients to choose from.

Photos from the Mix & Play Skincare launch at Whitespace – check out the full set on Sephora Philippine’s official Facebook page!

So, when Sephora invited me to a semi-surpise launch (which turned out to be the release of their new skincare range) / their first ever event in the Philippines, this skincare fiend was so darn excited!

This March, they officially released the Mix & Play Skincare range that consists of: facial wipes, cleansing creams, micellar cleansers, and lip balms.

The Mix & Play revolutionary formula: 1 COLOR = 1 INGREDIENT = 1 BENEFIT

So each colors stands for a specific ingredient and benefit. For example, GREEN = GREEN TEA = FIGHTS BLEMISHES/ACNE. It’s easy as 1, 2, 3! It’s like Sephora helped color code and organize everything that a person could need for his/her skin.

Other ingredients you can mix & play with are: Coconut Water, Rose, Pomegranate, Goji Berry, Yuzu, Tangerine, Charcoal, Honey, Green Tea, and Almond.

Some of my Mix & Play stash: Micellar cleansing milk and cleansing cream in Coconut Water, micellar cleansing gel in Yuzu, and Green Tea cleansing cream in a scrub texture.

All of these ingredients come in their own specific…

  • Micellar Cleansers – in three textures, too! Milk, gel, and water!
  • Cleansing Creams – in two textures aka cream and scrub.
  • Facial Wipes – super perfect for travelling!
  • Lip Balms

I swear, picking out which ~flavors~ aka ingredients and what form they would come in is like being in a candy shop for skincare lovers.

Lip Balms in Rose and Honey – the Honey lip balm doubles as a lip scrub ‘cause it contains sugar particles! Makes me want to eat it…and have pancakes.

Textured goodness! By far, my current products from the range!

Before I tell you why it’s truly sulit, I just have to gush about these facial wipes! THEY WORK SO WELL, NO LIE!!! I even brought the Green Tea exfoliating wipes with me to Japan. My friends and boyfriend are using it on this trip, too – it’s that good!

Not only is it perfect for my combination, currently being attacked by acne skin, it also features an innovative facial wipe breakthrough – THE EXFOLIATING SIDE! Guys, it has TWO SIDES! One is soft, like your regular facial wipe – perfect for removing makeup and dirt. Turn it over and BAM! The other side is textured with the tiniest of circles that is for your post cleansing, exfoliating needs!

I hope I’m giving this amazing product some justice because it has really changed my life – especially now that I’m currently in another country and it’s kind of a hassle to bring all of my skincare products. This wipe basically an instant facial wash sans the need for water. I believe that there’s a Charcoal version of this, too. Maybe I should try that out next.

As I’m sitting in this coffee shop while my roomies are checking out Harajuku, I am so excited to tell you why it’s so seriously SULIT!!!!

Are you ready?

Guys. Guess how much these high quality, premium ingredient filled products are? 800? Nope. 500? NOPE. PHP 385 and lower…YES!!

Aside from the wipes, which are PHP 385, everything else is PHP 347! I thought that I would just give the products a try during the event because I felt like they would probably be expensive considering the ingredients and really nice packaging. But no, these babies are totally budget friendly and are the perfectly sized for traveling, too!

Believe me, most skincare products that I’ve tried that were very affordable didn’t work so well for me. 🙁 But these have not caused me to break out and the ingredients are far from sketchy. Even my friend with extra sensitive skin is even loving these products as well! Click here, if you want to see my friend and I try out all these products.

So guys, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? I encourage you to try even at least one of the products from the Mix & Play range HERE – I swear, it’s super worth it! I mean sulit. *wink*


Sayonara for now,

P.S. They’re currently having an ongoing promo! Buy any four (4) from the range and get a free pack of one of the cleansing wipes FOR FREE, YO! I believe this will end on April 13, 2017.

P.P.S. The people in Japan are so nice. Ahuhuhu!! Arigato gozaimasu!



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