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Trefiel & Chill

Here are five things that I do to go from stressed to calm (and blessed).

I don’t know if it’s just me or is the world moving faster and faster as each year progresses? Everything nowadays is so fast paced, so instant, that I often find myself bursting inside my brain with the amount of information and tasks that my mind has to process daily. I know, I know. I should take a chill pill and prioritize lest I combust…but for a woman who thrives on productivity (and juggles three jobs), it is quite hard sometimes.

So in the midst of this busy world, here are FIVE THINGS I DO TO DE-STRESS:

1 – Step Away from Stress

Whatever causes your stress – step away from it! Break-up with it for an hour, a day, or even a week! One major thing that stresses me out sometimes is anything computer/technology related. My jobs require me to be in tune with technology and social media for about 70% of my day and that can really take a toll on me. So, I de-stress by resting my eyes very two hours, going for a walk instead of scrolling through my phone, or going through a technology/social media fast every now and then.



2 – Spend Some ME Time / Trefiel & Chill

We’ve heard this tip a MILLION times before, but I encourage you to really do so and practice some self-love! For me, my Me Time could consist of: shopping (you have to treat yourself too, sometimes/don’t be kuripot 24/7), getting a massage or a facial, spending the day with a book/s I’ve been meaning to read/finish, or the ultimate combo – Trefiel and chill!

Now Netflix has been one of my go-to de-stressers after a long day of work and as an avid multi-tasker (not good for de-stressing)/fan of skincare, I wanted to make the most out of my Netflix and chill time. That’s when I found the perfect beauty pair to my TV series watching – Trefiel’s lace (yep, lace), plant-based, and anti-aging hydromask. It’s undeniably the prettiest face mask I have ever tried in my life, too – it’s made out of some magical lace material, yo!




I tried their Brightening hydromask and upon opening the package, you could already tell how high quality this product is. Usually, masks come as one whole mask that cover your entire face, but Trefiel comes in two halves – one for your forehead ’til your nose and one for your cheeks + mouth area. I like having options!


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This mask contains: Vitamin C, Licorice Root, and Pomegranate extracts, bringing in some skin goodness that we all want to soak in. After 15-30 minutes (I did 30) of wearing it, I couldn’t wait for my next Trefiel & chill sesh! My skin was glowing (and smooth as a baby’s bottom), I felt glowing (Vitamin C is that you?), and to top it all off, I found a new TV series aka “Don’t Trust The B in Apartment 23”!

“But Gela, don’t all face masks have that same effect?”

I’ve tried quite an array of masks already and this mask is NOTHING like the masks I’ve ever tried before (and I’m not saying this just because Trefiel sent over this mask)! I enjoyed it so much that I kept my mask and put it back in its packet…I wouldn’t advise this but my face was clean and I really want to use it again (there were still some mask juice left LOL). Also, you can ask my boyfriend who was with me when I tried it – he’s my “I ain’t making this up” receipt.



Anyways! If you do want to try it out for yourself for your next Me Time session, check out Trefiel’s website. Also, I suggest that you go through a company that buys items abroad for you so that you won’t have to be hassled by the hassle that is picking up your package from Philippine customs *insert sad face and heartbreak emoji here*. You won’t regret it! Plus, it makes for great selfie material too!

3 – DO Sweat It Out

WORKOUT THE STRESS! Working out not only pumps up your endorphins (think feel-good neurotransmitters), but also declutters your mind. I find that hitting the gym after a long work day puts me into a nice, sweaty gym bubble that helps me zone out mentally, but focus physically.

4 – Be Social, But Not Media

If you’re a mild extrovert (according to Buzzfeed and myself) like me, or even if you’re not, it helps me de-stress when I spend QUALITY time with my family, friends, dogs, and loved ones – no phones included. Take a class together, play a board game, or hang out at a coffee shop or your favorite resto and ask about how each other’s day went.

5 – Spend Some GOD Time

Now this has got to be the most important de-stressing tip that I could share with all of you. Stress comes from the worries of this world…but guess what? There’s Someone who has overcome the world and He’s here to help you get through it. Whenever I feel like I’m losing myself or my strength isn’t enough for the task at hand, I turn to God and surrender the things that I can’t control to Him. 100 times out of 100, He’s my de-stresser and gives me true, unshakeable peace. So, I make sure that I REALLY MAKE TIME to get to know Him – through reading His Word and talking to Him through prayer. Nourish your soul with God and see stress levels go down in your life.



So whether it’s through spending some me time, sweating it out, Trefiel and chilling, looking to God, or all of the above, never forget to take some time to de-stress! Rest isn’t for the weak – it’s important.


All the best,

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