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My New Best Friend

Exactly one week ago (December 16 to be exact), I met my new best friend at the JBL concept store in Festival Mall – and we’ve been inseparable since.

My new best friend? JBL’s CLIP 2!


  • Waterproof – I can now sing in the shower without thinking about my phone getting wet! If you watched my Instagram Stories, yes, my new best friend is submersible.
  • Ultra Portable – It has a built-in carabiner – so it’s easy to bring/hook around anywhere. I took this with me to Makati the other day and walked around with it clipped to my jeans (I was using a really small sling bag that day).
  • Easy to Connect – Like a true best friend, I can easily connect to my CLIP 2 either through a built-in audio jack or my favorite – Bluetooth! And the connection is strong, too. I would be in the living room listening, while my little Sister would be the DJ in our bedroom via my iPhone.
  • Superb Audio Quality – I honestly thought that it was just going to be another BT speaker that I owned, but the sound is SO GOOD. It’s crisp and the bass is just right.
  • Stylish – Come on now, there’s no denying that it looks cute clipped to my jeans and even on my favorite backpack. Kind of reminds me of the good ol’ days when people would lug around their boomboxes – except now it’s smaller and less heavy.  Hehe!

I’ve been taking it everywhere with me! By the way, if you were wondering, my new CLIP 2 retails for only Php 3,099!

You know, you may just meet your new best friend, too! JBL just opened their 10th store in the south and I’m excited to share with you where I met my new BFF.

Located at the Upper Ground Floor, New Wing, JBL Festival Mall opens its doors to all of us this December 2016 to:

A) Change the way consumers experience sound through improved access to HARMAN’s award winning products

B) Help us find our new music/audio BFF – like my CLIP 2!

JBL’s wide array of Wireless Bluetooth Speakers: the JBL Xtreme, Charge 3, Pulse 2 (another favorite), and the CLIP 2!

From home theater speaker systems, noise cancelling headsets, “especially made for fitness” earphones, to high-performance loudspeakers – there’s something for everyone! The best part? They’ve got friendly (and product knowledgeable) staff to help you test everything out! They want you to get a sense of how quality audio really sounds.

A collab that I’m definitely coming back for – JBL x Under Armour

Try it yourself – all their products are readily available for testing/interactive. Here I am trying out this beautiful harman/kardon wireless headphones!

After exploring the new JBL Store in Festival Mall, I’ve found a new appreciation for quality products and of course, quality sound. You really do get what you’re paying for…and more! I’m really glad that I woke up early that day to attend the grand opening, not only did I meet my new best friend, but I also found a new place in the south where I can shop for my family and loved ones’ future bffs, too!


Losta Love,

P.S. MERRY CHRISTMAS TO YOU AND YOUR FAMILY! And yes, I’m still alive! December has just been surprisingly super busy, but I promise to put out more content soon! xx


For more information about JBL and HARMAN, visit their website HERE and HERE. You can also check out their Facebook Page and follow them on Twitter + Instagram.



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