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A Cali Afternoon

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Last April 2, California Nails and Day Spa invited me to check their Festival Mall Alabang branch out! 🙂

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My homies that afternoon: little sister Abby, Zoe, and Alex

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I just arrived from my CDO trip (soon on hehe) so it was quite awesome to experience some good ol’ r&r (in a super cute and pink place at that!) after all that CDO fun.

photo 4_zpscb9e50ea.jpg

CANS treated me to their signature mani & pedi aka every girl’s favorite pastime. Haha!


Here, my nails are being cleaned by Ate Peace (they have nicknames like Twinkle, Peace, etc. for all the staff…how cute can this place get?). Whilst cleaning my nails, she applied some kind of nail softening putty to make ‘em easier to clean and oh so soft! Think of it as lotion, but for your nails…and I loooved it! 🙂


I didn’t know Mariah had an OPI collection?! I shall try you next! 🙂

photo 7_zpsfaaa3196.jpg

Someone’s obviously enjoying! Hihi!


And after cleaning, it was time for my favorite part – *insert valley girl accent here* naiiill polishhhh!


I seriously had a hard time picking a nail polish color – there were sooo muucccch options! In the end, the Elsa (and forever blue lover) in me called out to this glittery, mermaid-y blue polish from China Glaze.

photo 11_zps6f0a6079.jpg

Alex totally approved of my nail polish choice and I totally approved of her CANS deluxe foot spa! Totally!


TADAH! I can now build a snowman or pretend to be Aqua the mermaid from Aquamarine! BEEFY VERDICT: I loved how my manicurists made my nails feel so fresh, clean, and perfectly square! I’m a sucker for details and boy do they work on your nails with precision and care! 🙂

I just unknowingly rhymed…WORD!


Thank you so much again for having me CANS Festival Mall! You are all so nice and accommodating (and so game to do the “Look up!” Ryzza Mae pose with me hehe), I will definitely come back again! 🙂

photo 14_zpsfce956bb.jpg

Thank you also Alex & Zoe Tuico for inviting me! Hope to bump into y’all at a concert mosh pit soon! 😉

photo 16_zps45cf532a.jpg

And of course, Beef’s gotta take OOTD shots! 🙂 I was going for a hippie, comfortably chill outfit (waw so much adjectives) to go with the whole the Cali summer vibe that CANS emanated.

photo 18_zps54d6ce7e.jpg

Floral Kimono: Kisses & Co. | Flesh Tank Top: Forever 21 | High Waisted Shorts: Thrifted | Wrap Around Sandals: Italy

photo 19_zps063edb81.jpg

photo 20_zpsd8922932.jpg

My Cali afternoon wouldn’t have been complete if it weren’t for the cutest sister ever! <3 Thanks for accompanying me, for patiently waiting and taking photos, and for being the cute! Hihi! Love you forevah! :*

So, have you had your monthly mani pedi yet? If you haven’t, why not try California Nails & Day Spa! 🙂

You can check their website out for a complete list of services and to find the nearest CANS branch near you! 🙂


All the best,

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