Someone called me "Gelabeef" and I guess it kind of just stuck. I'm a 24 year old stylist, blogger, and 1/3 of pop vocal group Those Girls. One part hippie chic & two parts rockstar.

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Remember the makeup shoot I told y’all about? :) Here’s some of the photos! Meet Anna (a gorgey model who is my bestfriend’s doppelganger) and Pam (a pretty soon to be teacher). I’ll post more photos soon! :) I don’t wanna post mine yet haha! Makeup by the amazing Julie Profugo! I just love her and her work forever! <3

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY MILEY! Hello followers! I love Miley haha! Next to Rachel Bilson of course!  I love her for her “I dont care what people think, I’m not living for them” attitude, her awesome style, and her charisma. These two photos of her are probably two of my all time favorites :) I even tried to recreate the one on the right for my graduation photo! Haha! :)