Someone called me "Gelabeef" and I guess it kind of just stuck. I'm a 24 year old stylist, blogger, and 1/3 of pop vocal group Those Girls. One part hippie chic & two parts rockstar.

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Toast Box, Trinoma - April 10, 2013

Hello Everryybooodaayyy!

This week has been craaay! I find myself going through this week soooo quickly only because there’s always something to do/somewhere to be everyday lately! (Not that I’m complaining, I looove productivity so I say that with a smile) :D

Say hello to Miko, Erika, Jeff (my fave stylist #naks), and David! New and old homies trying to be…homies?

Hope you guys are having a cray BUT productively happy/happy week too! :)

<3 Gela

P.S. Photos look better when you click on them. HAHA! AND thanks MJ Gacho for taking these :*

TODAY…was a fun day. Styled shoots, met new friends, tried my best to model for a shoot (haha hence the GIF vanity, I love my makeup/hair of wavy glory huhu), hung out with my fashown friends Jeff Geezay Styleaazay and Nikki Surfer/MUA Child, and finally FI-NA-LLY got to watch Avengerssss!!! Thanks homie ;)

Hoping for more fun days like this! Thank you Lordddd!! :D After exhaustafun (I’m a maker upper of wordss whutt upp) days like this, I love hanging out with Patrick and his medals, and my penguin Chef.

I just love this Instagram of me and Jeff at the I AM MEG party (the theme was skin-toned clothes hence, I finally got to wear my customized vintage lace dressy) last night at Skye! :) Super nice, Soho vibes venue I say! Saw my fav Phil blogger Patricia Prieto and her sister Pauline. I was too shy to say hi. HUHU! Next time haha! And the famous Divine Lee and her boy Victor Basa!