Someone called me "Gelabeef" and I guess it kind of just stuck. I'm a 24 year old stylist, blogger, and 1/3 of pop vocal group Those Girls. One part hippie chic & two parts rockstar.

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Today was an awesome day ft. @relientK! #highschoolmemories (at Alabang Town Center)

So I told y’all I’ve been going on vacays this April! Instead of posting pictures this video is way way better! :D Here’s one of them with my highschool homies. Isn’t the video just hipstalicious?? Check out my bff’s skillzzzz over on her vimeo page :)

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UHM! Hello customized Adventure Time docs! Please be mine <3 Grabbed from the amazing The Floor Shoes! Check ‘em out! :)

I wouldn’t need to say my usual “if I were a boy” line for this one! I’d wear this in a heartbeat no matter what gender this pair was made for.

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