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Open Your Mind


Marvel’s Doctor Strange premieres nationwide tomorrow – here are my top five reasons why this might just be your new favorite Marvel film. And yes, don’t worry, this post does not contain any spoilers.

Last night, we were invited to the Philippine premiere of “Doctor Strange”. I honestly did not know what to expect. Although I read quite a few graphic novels, I haven’t really chanced upon Doctor Strange (unlike my boyfriend, who accompanied me) and his story line, up until last night. So, watching the trailer a few months back was quite, “what the pwet is happening”. No back story, no knowledge, no googling of the cast/plot beforehand, no nothing. I was going to watch this film with a curious and open mind.

And I’m sure glad I did.


But, I’m not here to tell you what happens, I’m here to gush and further encourage your decision to watch this (darn good) movie asap! While the first obvious reason might just be the headlining actor (Benedict Cumberbatch, *cough cough*), there’s more than meets the eye (candy) for this new film.


“The impossiblities are endless.”

  1. The Visual Effects – I believe they hired at least 10 visual effects companies to make this magical dream come true! I haven’t been enthralled by visual effects in quite some time (lol, feeling critic), but I swear, this movie does not disappoint in art candy as well. My boyfriend showed me how the graphic novels were and this movie interpretation captured it perfectly.
  2. The Styling – How can you make ancient, mystic, martial arts-ish threads look freshly modern and cool? Watch this movie and find out how. Plus, I spy Adidas.
  3. The Casting – I fell in love with the main cast, you guys! From Benedict Cumberbatch to Wong, I can’t imagine any one else playing their roles. And Rachel McAdams, it’s always a delight to see you on screen.
  4. It’s Something Different – That’s pretty obvious, but I was half expecting Robert Downey Jr. or S.H.I.E.L.D. to pop up at some point. It’s refreshing to see new powers, new settings, and new possibilities within the Marvel realm.
  5. Anything is Possible – Take away the characters, the visual effects, and all the other layers and you’ll find that Doctor Strange is an unspoken reminder that anything is indeed possible. That miracles can happen…and that something strange and magical might just be right outside your door.



Photos by: Paolo Salgado

It dares you to believe again, that in spite of this monotonous cycle of a life, sometimes we have to do away with our incredulity and allow ourselves to believe that seemingly strange things might just be true.

Now that’s my two cents about the film and I can’t wait to discuss it with all of you – without the fear of spoiling anything! Enjoy the movie this week/weekend and don’t forget to watch it with an open mind!

Remember, anything is possible. And don’t be afraid to embrace what’s strange.

Love from a new Doctor Strange fan,

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