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Feel & Smell Scentsational


There’s a new cologne in the market, and although it’s “crafted with care for your baby”, you can wear it too!

Last October 8, Belo Baby introduced us to not only to their new cologne, but also to the Belo Baby Scentsational Squad! Not knowing what the inside of Vanilla Cupcakery in BGC looked like (or where it was located for that matter), I found myself exploring alley ways and using Waze to find my way. And upon opening the doors to the event, I was greeted by a kiss on the cheek (from Raiza, that afternoon’s host) and an overload of pastel cuteness & sweet smelling scents.




I’ve come to realize that, that sweet smelling scent was most probably Belo Baby’s cologne in Sweet Snuggle – I’m currently wearing it as I type up this post and I can still remember it wafting through the pastel cafe’s air. Also, I’ve heard that its baby Scarlet Snow’s favorite scent among the three!

After signing up, and deciding that the word “cool” (more than “happy” or “sweet”) was most suited for my personality, I found myself seated at the Cool Drizzle table (which happens to be one of the three Belo Baby cologne scents) with the Cool Drizzle ambassadress herself – Kaila Estrada. The Cool Drizzle scent reminded me so much of this cologne I used to love as a kid – it smelled like a fresh, cool shower! I think this scent would be perfect to put on after a sweaty gym session. Oh! And our table was tasked to create jewelry of our own – I ended up making the necklace down below.


The other tables and were:

  • Happy Tickle – Lead by Vern Enciso, this table was tasked to paint plaster of paris flower pots. This scent smelled exactly like my first legit perfume back in gradeschool. And, as fate would have it, I remember the title of that perfume having the word happy in it too! It’s a sweet, fruity scent that will surely be an instant pick me upper when you put it on.
  • Sweet Snuggle –  Nicole Anderson was the ambassadress for this scent and table – they decorated cupcakes for their group challenge! Yum! And as for the Sweet Snuggle scent, it’s probably my favorite among the three! Although described as a floral scent, I could smell a hint of grapefruit (?). I think it even has notes of a four seasons drink in there!
5From left to right: Belo Baby Cologne in Sweet Snuggle, Happy Tickle, and Cool Drizzle


Not only do the colognes smell amazing, they’re also full of good stuff!

  • They contain glycerin, which moisturizes the skin, and a chamomile-derived ingredient that soothes the skin.
  • They’re absolutely free of parabens, phthalates, and coloring agents.
  • And, of course, they’re hypoallergenic and dermatologist tested.

And because they’re all the things above, you can actually bathe yourself in them and apply them as often as you like (as our ambassadors confessed to doing this as well)! And guys, THEY ALSO DOUBLE AS A HAND SANITIZING SOLUTION! I love me some multi-purpose products – and at Php 79.75 only too!


The #BeloScentsationalSquad with Mrs. Cristalle Belo-Pitt

So, the next time you find yourself looking for a new cologne or everyday scent, why not try one of Belo Baby’s colognes!


They smell great (long lasting too), they come in cute and handy packaging, they’re full of good ingredients, and best of all, they’re not just for babies, they’re for you and me too! 🙂

After exiting the pastel doors of the event, with a cute basket of Belo Baby colognes (and a happy stomach) in tow, I was once again walking the streets of BGC. Although this time, instead of thinking of which direction to take, I was already imagining sharing these colognes with my loved ones at home. Almost a week later, I find myself about to leave for merienda with my little sister, wearing the Sweet Snuggle cologne. And can I just say? I’m feeling (and smelling) scentsational!


All the best,

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