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My Red Bucket Sale Experience

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The first ever, Red Bucket Sale is happening this weekend at Alabang Town Center! And before you pass this opportunity up (or buy a ton of slots for the event), here’s an honest review of my Red Bucket Sale experience.

Before we get into the pros and cons, if you’re reading this and have not heard of the Red Bucket Sale – it’s a shopping spree where you have 15 minutes to grab all you can from a wide array of clothing pieces (20,000 pieces to be exact) from participating Alabang Town Center brands AKA GAP, Cotton On, Giordano, Rustan’s, Plains & Prints, Folded & Hung, Tally Weijl, Una Rosa, Cinderella, Seventeen, Mexx, Kashieca, Human, Miyagi & Co, Fresh Brand, The Perfect White Shirt, Fudge Rock, Get Laud, Metro, Collezione, and Old Navy for only Php 3,500 (I think there’s an on going promo, less 1k off ’til today). Of course, to keep things interesting, this shopping spree also has its limitations – you have to make sure it all fits into a bucket.

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These buckets to be exact! I honestly thought, while we were being briefed during the bloggers preview, that the buckets were going to be bigger and lid-less. But then, that would be too easy now would it? So Ms. Tin (below) explained to us different ways and techniques to fit all of the clothes you want to keep in your bucket. They’re even named after some of our favorite food: cinnamon roll, sushi, etc. You can watch them all here!

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This being a preview, of course, we did not have 20,000 items to choose from, but I think the choices were pretty awesome considering we were only 10 participants – 7/8 racks (two layer racks) filled with clothes yo! *insert heart eyes here* It was held in a conference room turned shopping spree arena and I felt like I was about to take part in a game show. With the timer about to start, I started checking out which racks I would scour first and just hoped that I would emerge from this unscathed, and with a bucket full of choice pickings. LOL!

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The 15 minutes flew by quite quickly, but not as stressful as I thought it would be. Picking out what I wanted took about 5 minutes, editing which ones could fit and which ones I can let go of/add took 3 minutes, fitting and folding my picks into the bucket took 3 minutes, realizing I could still squeeze in a few more pieces took 2 minutes, and I spent the last minutes making sure the lid was sealed shut.

I decided that I would pick items that I would really wear/could use in my closet and at the end of it all, I managed to squeeze in 8 items in my bucket. Which is a pretty weak number compared to Maxie’s and Vina’s, 15 and 13 items respectively. Those gals got skills + solid proof that it can be done guys! And, it goes to show that having a plan in mind, and following the folding tips and tricks that Ms. Tin shared, goes a long way.

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Here’s my Red Bucket Sale loot: 1) Boho Pants, Tally Weijl 2) Tie-Dye Skirt, Cotton On 3) Striped Hoodie, Cotton On 4) Loose Grey Tee, Cotton On 5) Acid Washed Maxi Dress, Cotton On 6) Boyfriend Shorts, Cotton On 7) Boho Top, Una Rosa 8) Geometric Skirt, Rustan’s

Now, let’s discuss the PROS & CONS:


  • There’s a lot to chose from! And they’re quality pieces too! I kind of already knew that before hand, even before the bloggers preview, because if you follow me on social media, you’d know that I styled for their Red Bucket Sale fashion show. I had a glimpse of what some of the brands were putting out for the sale and it got me pretty excited! And come on, we only got to shop the PREVIEW sale and there were already so much good items to chose from – what more the real (20,000 choices) deal? By they way, those boho pants from Tally Weijl? Been eyeing them ever since the show!
  • It’s definitely an experience. Not only do you get to shop, but if you have had dreams of joining those time pressure shopping sprees/games – this is pretty darn close to that dream coming true. So, if you feel like you did not reach the Php 3,500 cutoff, charge it to experience instead – in a good way! I highly encourage you to take advantage of the Php 2,500 promo ’til today if you really want to give it a shot!
  • It is literally worth it! Even if I did only get 8 pieces, knowing the brand, quality, and possible prices of the items that I picked, I think that they would amount to more than the Php 3,500 fee. Those denim shorts alone would probably cost me Php 1,000+.


  • Fitting everything into that bucket AND closing the lid. I recommend practicing folding items into a similar bucket beforehand so you won’t find yourself panicking on the day of. And do not wear a skirt/dress, as you will find yourself kneeling on the floor, with your bucket in between your legs, trying to get it to close.
  • Quality VS Quantity dilemma. You really have to make a choice – will you go for items that are harder to fit into the bucket BUT you’ll definitely be earning that Php 3,500 back OR will you go for items that are lightweight (mostly tops, shirts, sheer items) and can easily be stuffed into the bucket BUT aren’t as price heavy as the first option. Think of your game plan beforehand! Are you shopping for yourself or for a possible deal at bringing home a lot of clothes to give away as presents? Obviously, I shopped for myself (lol) because I really did not want to give up those denim shorts, even if it did take about 30-40% of my bucket space.
  • Sizing. Be sure of the sizes that you are getting if you are indeed shopping for your own closet. But, worst comes to worst, if the items you get aren’t in your size, you have instant gifts for your family and friends! Most of the bottoms that I got are quite loose on me, but I really want to keep them, so I’m having them altered instead.

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But, overall, if I had the chance/choice to do it again, I definitely would! I honestly loved the items that I snagged and would wear every single one – already wore the maxi dress, tie-dye skirt, and loose grey tee. But, maybe this time around, I would do it for early Christmas shopping. Hehe!

So if you, dear reader, are planning to join or have already secured a slot, I just wanted to tell you to: have a game plan in mind, know your folding/stuffing technique, make the most of your bucket space (there should be no room for breathing/even the lid space CAN be used), and most of all, have fun. 🙂

For more information regarding the Red Bucket Sale, you can click on this link or check out Alabang Town Center’s Facebook page. Happy shopping!


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    Love your outfit here, super edgy and chic! <3


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