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June 29, 2016


Long time no blog! Today, I want to share with you guys a few life updates and some street style outfit ideas via a new vlog post.

It’s been a while guys! There’s honestly so much going on, life wise and brain wise (especially at 2-3 AM aka the Tumblr “I need to see some inspiration” hours lol), that I’m currently struggling as to what thought I should prioritize as I type this post up. It has been two months since I started working full time for my family’s business and it’s quite fulfilling! The downside of it all though, is not being as active on social media as I’d like to be and not being able to put out a new EFFY collection / the official website is still under construction. 🙁 But, other than that, every thing is peachy keen!

On the bright side:

  1. I signed up for a one month unlimited gym session promo and I’ve been going more often now / am a lot less lazy – since now I know I have to really not let my money go to waste. Abs, please, please, please, show yourself after this. HAHA!
  2. I now know how to drive! WUHOO!! Five years in the making guys! I can’t wait to get my non-pro license this August so I can drive all around Metro Manila.
  3. I am now 26! I spent my birthday chillax-ly and with my loved ones. You all also made my heart melt that day with all the wonderful gifts, greetings, and love! <3
  4. God has been gracious enough to let me continue/pursue blogging + vlogging whenever I could! Thank you Lord for letting me catch up with fellow bloggers and attend an event last week, work with a local makeup brand that I truly love, and film a new vlog post!


And what is this new video? It’s a STREET STYLE Outfit Ideas video! I recently went online shopping at Lazada and decided to make a look book of sorts, showing you guys the pieces that I bought and the many ways that you can style them. My best friend Phoebe, of Hello and Co. Cinema, helped me film this and it was such a delight to get to hang out and work on something with her. I hope we get to do a sit down kind of video soon! 🙂


Photos by: Ram Marcelo

I hope you guys enjoy the video and this blog post/life update of sorts! My mind is always thinking of new content and ways to improve as a blogger, and I WILL do my best to put out more blog/vlog posts before the year ends. I’m grateful to all of you that have been sticking with me since Day 1 – inactive days and all. 🙂

Also, I just wanted to share that God has been teaching me to wait on Him this week. When you’re feeling like everyone else is progressing and you’re still kind of where you are (progressing, but sloooooow, like a turtle), remember that He has a different time frame for you. Never compare, it’s just going to slow you down all the more. Keep giving it all you have got (you’ve got to put in the work too), wherever you are right now, and in time, in His time, things will unfold as they should.

“The LORD is good to those who wait for him, to the soul who seeks him.” – Lamentations 3:25

Toodleloo for now and have a great week! 🙂


All the best,

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