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Get Ready with Me

June 4, 2016


IT’S ALMOST MY BIRTHDAY! But before that, we have a new Gelabeef vlogs video! 🙂

I’ve been aching to work on this video and post it as soon as I finished filming it (*cough* last April *cough*) and when the months flew by so quickly, I knew I had to set a deadline. So here’s a little parting gift from 25 year old Gela – a “Get Ready with Me” AND a get to know me video all rolled into one beefy video.

What to expect?

  • True beefy facts
  • Baby photos
  • My special everyday makeup routine – I say special because I don’t really wear makeup everyday, but when I do/have to, this is my go to look.
  • My brother looking grumpy (SORRY BRO! All your childhood photos were non-smiley ones.)

You’ll just have to WATCH THE VIDEO to find out! 😉

Now I’m off to my birth-date with Paolo!

All the best,

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P.S. My lipstick color turned a weird purple in the end, why color grading why!

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