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Juice 50 : Poblacion Food Crawl


To celebrate‘s Juice 50 (an annual list of fifty of MNL’s most interesting establishments), a few bloggers and I were treated to their very first bloggers night AKA a night adventure around Pobalcion, the hottest food district in Makati. I felt like I was part of the Nick and Norah crew, but instead of looking for Fluffy, we we’re going around the city looking for great eats.

I’ve never been part of a food crawl (well any crawl for that matter) so I was pretty excited about the whole thing! Although, minus points to this eager beaver for wearing heels to a food crawl. Lol!

2First Stop: Tambai (Yakitori Snackhouse)

For our first stop, we were treated to the delicious yakitori treats of Tambai. Situated in 5779 Felipe Street, this former sari-sari store is now one of everyone’s favorite hangout spots in Poblacion. The jam packed situation that welcomed us (even on a Thursday night) is a testament to this truth! It’s a perfect place to bring your friends to – think long communal dining tables perfectly placed along the street or opt to hang in the air conditioned area behind the grilling station.

3Grilled goodness – zucchini slices, garlic cloves, chicken, quail eggs wrapped in bacon, pork, beef isaw, etc.


Plus if you’re in the mood to eat something light (that pair nicely with a cold brew) and satisfying, this is the place to go! Although I felt like I ate a full meal because we were able to try almost everything on the menu that night.

5Deep fried soft shell crab – it was my first time to try the soft shell crab (let alone eat a whole crab with its claws etc.) and it was really good! The sprinkled seaweed was the cherry on top of this tasty dish.


7This was my favorite! I believe it’s the US beef? Reminds me of the beef in Korean beef stews – it’s just tasty, melts in your mouth, with a subtle sweetness. Perfect!
8The food crawl crew!

With affordable yakitori sticks and a good hangout ambiance, I’m definitely listing this place down in my brain for future “where can we hangout tonight” reference.

9Second Stop: Z Hostel

Prior to attending the food crawl, I’ve already heard about Z Hostel and seen some photos of it on the www. It’s the first luxury hostel in the Philippines and is a road away from Tambai. With its industrial-ish interior and Instagrammable nooks – no wonder why it’s such a hit with locals and foreigners alike!

10Party in the C.A.F.E. – You can rent out the cafe for private events/functions! While it’s not your next party’s venue though, it’s a chill cafe perfect for brunches and an afternoon coffee fix.
11These ceiling lights stole my heart…and about 10 frames from my camera.
12Each bunk bed has it’s own beside lamp, outlets, and designated locker. Heart eyes times one million!

I’m leaving for Hong Kong this December and when they showed us their different dorm type rooms (typical of hostels), my traveler heart was seriously wishing that there was a Z Hostel in Hong Kong. It’s convenient, organized, affordable, spacious enough, and it’s SUPER CLEAN! *heart skips a thousand beats*

13There’s even a room specifically designed for women – hello vanity table, pretty window view, bean bags galore, and bath robes hung in a row (not in photo)!
14The famous Z Hostel roof deck! At this point, I was convinced that I really was indeed in a Nick & Norah spin-off.


Behold! The gorgeous view of the Makati Skyline from Z Hostel’s rooftop! We parked here for a while, sipped some cold drinks, and enjoyed the windy breeze. My co-food crawl mates told me that this place is usually jam packed as the night deepens, so we were pretty lucky to get there early so we could see what it looks like before the party scene started.

16Off shoulder top from EFFY! Woot!

Looking for a place to chill (aside from your own bedroom) or crash after a long week? I recommend Z Hostel! Make it a group thing as well and have your own slumber party…then go on a food crawl as well while you’re at it! 😉

17Last Stop: Crying Tiger (Street Kicthen)

Just around a few blocks is Crying Tiger, a Thai street food restaurant. And who happens to love Thai food? This girl does! Also, note to self, bring an umbrella during food crawls, lest be stucketh in the pouring rain. Anyways, the rain did not stop us from enjoying the undoubtedly flavorful Thai dishes that Crying Tiger cooked up for us!

18Cutest mini fried eggs dipped in soy sauce served as our appetizers!


Brought to you by the makers of El Chupacabra and Señor Pollo (I believe), this hidden gem of a Thai restaurant has eye happy interiors and food that will definitely satisfy your taste buds. It’s located at Guanzon St. along Poblacion- just look for the string of colorful lights along the street, you won’t miss it!

21Pad Thai – I’m not sure what Pad Thai they served us, but it’s GOOD! A perfect mix of glass noodles, egg, spices, shrimp, and etc. I like this kind of spicy, swaktong spicy, not “Oh my gosh, I can’t taste anything anymore” kind of spicy.


We were still pretty stuffed from our Tambai escapade but once the food was served, I couldn’t help but eat to my tummy’s delight. That shrimp rice (on the left) was so light tasting, it’s perfect for pairing ulam with (or if you’re like me, you can eat it as as well). I believe the dish on the right was Moo Ping (Thai pork BBQ). I wasn’t able to taste it due to my pork pact, but my food crawl homies told me it was scrumptious – especially when dipped with the accompanying sauce!

23The Welcome Drink – reminded me of something I’ve tasted in my childhood. Something peachy maybe? Nikki, my Ateneo carpoolmate, said that it’s most likely alcoholic Thai milk/iced tea. Correct us if we’re wrong!

I’m not a fan of alcoholic drinks but this one wasn’t so bad! It tastes like a familiar peach candy or something, you can barely taste the alcohol…I think. HAHA! Nevertheless, it was a perfect end to the fun Juice 50 food crawl – delicious food, a refreshing drink in hand, splendid ambiance, great company, and a ton of Instagrammable memories.

Thank you again for the invite!

Now very hungry and thirsty,

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