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She desires to bring glory to God in whatever she does (and hopes to dress stylishly in the process, too.).


Blue Green Hair + Current Favorites

1Hooray for my first blog post sporting my blue green/teal ombre hair! And yes, Kylie Jenner was my hairspiration for this look. Read on to know more about where I wore this outfit to and my five current fashion favorites.

2Ombre Hair: Glam Salon | Sunnies: Eye Know Right Sunnies | Collared Crop Top: Dresslink | Highwaisted Cut-offs: COPPER | White Ankle Boots: Charles & Keith

I have been on the lookout for a cute (and fuss free) new ‘do. So when Kylie Jenner debuted her teal tipped lob – I fell in love! So, I rested my already over colored hair last year, prepared it for the bleaching that was about to come, and finally cut + colored it last June! You know that feeling that you get when you finally found THE hairstyle that was meant for you? That’s what I felt right after I had my hair done. Expect to see me sport this hairstyle for quite awhile!

3Leather Backpack: Tomato

Which leads me to my “5 FASHION FAVORITES” of the moment! Wuhoo! This Beef loves lists doesn’t she?

5. Colored Hair

What a shocker guys! HAHA! As paragraph one reinforces, I am in love with colored hair yet again – like colorful colored hair! THERE’S SO MUCH POSSIBILITIES (including killing your hair lol)! But I’m a hair risk taker like that…life’s too short to not look like a unicorn for once in your life right? Plus! A lot of celebrities and fashion crushes have been sporting colorful locks recently too. I’ve researched and have saved so much future colored hair pegs already! I even bought purple shampoo for when this blue green color dyes (teehee) to achieve platinum ombre tips for better color payoff. I honestly can’t wait for December…I have another colored hair girl crush in mind! 😉

4. Reflective / Mirrored Eyewear

It’s too cute and instantly adds a dash of cool to your whole outfit. I keep the sunnies I wear in the photo above in my bag 24/7 in case of my-OOTD-lacks-something emergencies. Without stating the obvious, you can also use it as a mirror for touch-ups and such – yes, yes I do that. My dream mirrored sunglasses = these ones from Dior.


Ohh! Before we continue on with the list, I just wanted to share that I wore this outfit to Gathergram Day 1! I had sooooooo much fun selling, hanging out with fellow bloggers & Instagrammers, meeting you guys (and taking sabaw selfies), chilling in a pool of cute bean bags, having impromptu outfit shoots with photographer friends I haven’t seen in awhile and going around the bazaar. I can’t wait for the next installment for reals! 🙂


3. Cute 90s Inspired Skirts

Denim, leather, those buttons that run down the middle of your shirt…I’d like ten please! I’m glad that the fashion cycle is going through the 90s trends again, but also, not glad because I want to buy them all…again. So far I’ve curated a midi denim pencil skirt, a school girl skirt ala Cher, and a leather mini. I’m still on the lookout for button front skirts. I actually saw a few lot in Stradivarius, but my kuripot self isn’t set on buying it just yet.

2. Bandana Scarves

Vanessa Hudgens got me tying bandanas around my neck. No explanation needed. #Queen

JOKE! But really though, her personal style is amazing and I fell in love all over again during her stay in New York. Kanye, Imma let you finish, but Vanessa Hudgens’ NYC street style was the best showcase of Baby V outfits that I HAVE EVER SEEN!

1. Alden Richards

HAHA! Not a fashion item or trend but seriously, have you seen him? Accidentally stumbled upon the whole “Aldub” phenomenon while lunching with my Mom at a restaurant yesterday and…I’m seriously trying my best to not be a fan girl. Currently bumping off James Reid off the top of my local celebrity crushes. SPEAKING OF JAMES REID AND CUTE GUYS! I’m giving away 3 tickets to Candy Fair 2015 aka a whole day of Candy fun, crafts, and lotsa Candy cuties! Check out my Instagram page for the mechanics!

6Photos by: Charls Uytanlet

That’s about it for now! By the way, a new VLOG post is up as well on my Youtube channel! I posted my first ever “Outfits of the Week” vlog and it would mean the world to me if you could watch it and subscribe! 🙂


Tah tah for now,

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    Wow, define wannabe.

  • September 8, 2015

    That hair color suits you + the short hair!! <3 Did you get it done professionally or just by yourself? 🙂

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