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He Wears Streetwear

1Once upon a time, there was a girl who had no clue about brands like Stussy (etc.), why people would go crazy over the latest sneaker release, what being a “hypebeast” really meant and basically, this whole new world called “streetwear”. Until this snapback wielding boy came along and changed her life (and fashion views & knowledge) forever.

It’s pretty obvious that the girl is me (duh). And if it wasn’t obvious, the boy is Paolo. 🙂

2Gela: “Hi! I’m Paolo! A 26 year old Art Director by day, and a Defender of Dogs by night! And I look good in streetwear!”

I’ve been dating Paolo for quite awhile now, and I’ve learned quite a lot of new things from him – from loving all the dogs of the world, to being extremely patient, to discovering new music and comic book titles and a whole lot more. Another pretty big chunk that I’ve learned from him is his knowledge and love for streetwear. Don’t get me wrong, I’m no Emily Oberg or those insanely (and effortlessly cool) amazing girls who rock and know streetwear so freaking well on Instagram (#goals). I am but an observant Padawan – now a little more aware and knowledgeable, an admirer, and sometimes incorporator of streetwear elements into daily sartorial choices, but I ain’t no official OG streetwear Jedi. I’ll leave the Jedi-ing to Paolo in this relationship.

NAKS! Relationship! ANYWAYS!

3Wonder twin type of harmony – we always seem to match outfits!

We honestly did not plan this outfit post together (somehow we always seem to match and hello I’m wearing a cat halter), but I thought it would be nice to list down a few things, regarding streetwear, that I have learned from Paolo thus far.

DISCLAIMER: I am not trying to define streetwear in ANY WAY! These are mere observations from our experiences together. Let’s just love each otha brothas!

“10 Things Re: Streetwear That I Have Learned from Paolo Thus Far”

1. Streetwear – it’s more than one definition. It encompasses so much and it’s definition continues to evolve as it evolves. One thing’s for sure, WE LOVE IT! You can watch a peak into what it’s kind of like in this video though.

2. I appreciate looking at all of these streetwear brands now and I even know a little bit of their historical background. No longer am I limited to just the usual big names like Adidas, Nike, etc. There’s actually a TON of other streetwear brands! Also, it’s so cool how a lot of independent streetwear brands have paved their way into fashion legendary-ness. Some brands we really like – Stussy, Raised by Wolves, Supreme, and QTR Clothing. Teehee!

3. It’s expensive, but it’s worth it. You’re paying for quality goods yo!

4. A great pair of sneakers can and will make a streetwear boy’s heart melt like buttah. :3

4FUN FACT: His Tubulars = my birthday gift to him. My Topshop x Adidas Superstars = his birthday gift to me.

5. Hats are love – snapbacks, 5 panel caps, and 10,000 bucket hats please!

6. A perfect fit isn’t always “the perfect fit”. In streetwear, I’ve come to find, that a perfect fit can range from swakto, swakto loose, to super loose. I used to be confuzzled when Paolo would fit shirts and find it too fitting (when it looked perfectly fine to me). Now I’m loosey goosey and feelin’ Kanyeezy.

7. Complex Magazine’s Youtube channel = SUBSCRIBE NOW! Also, Emily Oberg’s style game is so strong. I’m pretty sure her name can be found under “cool” and “effortless” in the dictionary.

8. Karmaloop is your one stop online shop for all things streetwear.

9. My huge crush on Pharrell (since who knows when) is even more justified! Tons of (successful) brand collaborations, founder of Billionaire Boys Club, *insert all the other amazing things he has done* – no wonder he’s number one on this list!

5Most recent photo of us – not sporting streetwear, but in our Sunday’s best! Photo taken by my best little sis Abby!

10. Wear what you want to wear. Don’t ever go with the flow. Old school or new school, thrifted streetwear gems or expensive as gold, wear what you love and believe in.

Ten precise sentences aren’t enough to summarize what I’ve learned (and continue) to learn from him so far – it’s such a fascinating part of fashion & culture that I’m continuing to discover, love, and understand. And with my streetwear Jedi/Aladdin/fam by my side, I’m pretty sure it won’t be a problem.


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    Jonathan G

    What was the name of the jackets you both were wearing, and which collab was it?


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