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Flat Ironing 101 With Irresistible Me

1Often times, I find myself embracing my unruly and wavy tresses due to the lack of prep time, coupled with this age’s new found love for “I Woke Up Like This” hairstyles. But there are days that I just really need to look presentable… and bed head hair just won’t do! AKA my Mom loves pointing this out whenever I’d march out of the house with crazy, wavy, and wet hair.

Imagine my delight when I rekindled my love for using hair tools – starting with this easy to use styling iron from Irresistible Me!

2Say goodbye to frizzy hair – this iron uses negative ions to seal in natural oils, moisture, and color!

First of all, the packaging that it came in was divine and was super informative too! I found everything that I needed to know – from features and parts to styling tips – in the nifty little black booklet that came with this flat iron. This flat iron puts my highschool bought flat irons to shame (times 100).

Some of my favorite details about this styling iron – how snazzy are the LED and light-up temperature displays?

I actually stopped ironing my hair because the iron that I used to use snagged and damaged my hair so much. But after using this baby, that glides through your hair SO SMOOTHLY and DOESN’T SNAG, my flat ironing woes were laid to rest. Knowing that this styling iron actually keeps your hair safe and healthy is a HUGE plus for me. As a fan of hair coloring and damaging my hair (lol), I needed hair tools that do not add extra damage to my already damaged hair. Huhu!

4Simply Irresistible! Check out Irresistible Me’s website HERE – they also sell other pro hair tools and high quality hair extensions!

Now, let’s see how this styling iron performs! I’m sure a lot of you will agree with me when I say that straightening your hair is honestly a very easy task (correct me if I’m wrong). I believe that you can master it within your first use! I just want to share some tips/steps for easier use and more perfect + precise results:

51 – Make sure your hair is clean and dry! Comb through it as well, so the iron won’t have a hard time going through tangles.
62 – Divide your hair into sections and secure those sections with a clip/hair ties. Flat ironing your hair by sections helps you make sure that you actually ironed every portion of your head and helps you get it done faster!

DISCLAIMER: I did not follow my own tip and therefore was almost late for church and missed out on some portions. 🙁 Try to not skip this step for optimal straight hair!

73 – Grab a certain portion, lightly grip the iron, and slide it down your hair. Do it in a moderately fast motion and start from somewhere near your roots and end at the tips of your hair.

If you want that “freshly blow-dried” look, instead of just letting the iron slide straightly through your hair, let it slide down in a curved direction. Repeat with each section until you’ve finished your whole head!


VOILA! Here are the results after ironing my hair for about 10 minutes. As you can see, I missed the middle section at the back because I was quite in a hurry – but nonetheless, the results were great! I love how my hair doesn’t look too straight, doesn’t feel dry, and feels smooth even after ironing it!

9Lazy Sunflower Dress: Ripples by Jenny


Now I can lessen my trips to the salon whenever I need to get my hair done or blow-dried! All I have to do now is to learn how to curl my hair with this styling iron. Woot! <3

First hair tool I’ve used in years and I’m so satisfied with it! Have any recommendations or tutorials on how to curl your hair using a flat iron? Leave a comment below – I’d love to check them out!


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