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Review: Skinnovia


Right before I left for Palawan last summer, my friend introduced me to this dermatology and laser clinic on Sucat road. Why? No matter how hard (okay I don’t really work out as much as I should) I tried, I would always have a pouch (of extra fat) on my belly (#DESSERTSFOLYF). I heard they were offering this Fat Blaster Duo treatment – it helps dissolve fat WITHOUT the use of supplements, surgery (me no like), and it ain’t liposuction!

First thing that popped into my mind upon entering Skinnovia, “This reminds me of Genovia…*starts singing* Ge-no-viaaa..the land I call my home!”. Okay, aside from it reminding me of The Princess Diaries, I liked what I saw – clean, organized, and legit. Plus, the staff were friendly and very accommodating. I was quickly introduced to Ms. Joyce Nario, the resident dermatologist, I then told her about my belly pouch and off I went to my first session of fat blasting.


3More than just RF and Fat Blasting – check out their array of services!




She recommended that I try their summer special – the RF Tummy Tightening + Fat Blaster Duo combo. She also recommended the Enzapeel Smoothening Polish for my…eep…strechmarks! A little info on the Fat Blaster Duo, although I can’t recall the exact (and more pro) explanation, it basically melts down your fat and it leaves your body via your digestive system when you…you know. And as for the RF treatment, it uses RF energy to tighten loose skin.

My first session took about an hour and 30 minutes, not including the Enzapeel, because I had to rush off to a meeting. Let me just say that IT REALLY WORKS! I lost 2-4 inches off my belly after just one session (see chart below)! Also, as the days passed my belly looked and felt tighter and flatter than ever before!

7They use this machine for the Fat Blaster treatment.

The downside – you’ve got to have a high tolerance for pain. The Fat Blaster feels like a really, really, heavy massage on your belly, while the RF Tummy Tightening is like a really, really, really, really heavy massage on your belly…that’s super insanely hot! You can always tell the staff to make it less hot or tell them until what strength you can take. I was just probably being a daredevil during my sessions – no pain, no gain right? Also, it’s definitely worth it!

6I love how they document your progress! They also take photos and file them.

I was about to go again for like 3-4 more treatments before Palawan but my schedule didn’t permit. I was able to go back one last time though and here are my final results. The top portion for my first session and the bottom portion for my last one. Awesome right? Enzapeel, I shall come back and try you someday!

9Of course, although this treatment really works, you have to be vigilant yourself and take care of your body AKA eat the right stuff and exercise when you can! It’s just like working out, you can do it a lot but if you eat junkfood everyday, you won’t reach your full fitness potential.

10The fun and friendly staff of Skinnovia! They made sure I was comfy and happy during my sessions.

So, if you want to pay Skinnovia a visit, you can find them at Unit 1-A Sok-Kee Bldg., San Isidro, Sucat, Parañaque City. They’re open from Mon.-Sat., 10 AM – 6 PM. Or you can call them first at 887-3819. Hopefully I can visit again someday soon, I really want to Enzapeel my booty away! HAHA!


Currently eating pizza/wishing I could try this treatment again,

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