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Review: End of Summer Bazaar

1I spent my last two days of May 2015 at the World Trade Center. Why? Because it was the End of Summer Clearance Sale bazaar! This Beef doesn’t pass up opportunities that start with S and end with Ale. Read on for a rundown of my EOSCS experience and my favorite shops that last May weekend.

I was also there because the gracious Heatwave Team (they’re also behind the Noel Bazaar series) gave me a spot to sell EFFY! If you don’t know yet, yes, I’m 1/2 the owner and brainchild of EFFY Clothing – do check our website out and purchase some stylish clothes if you like. Hihi!

2Say hello to Ate April, Abby (best lil sis ever), and Paolo – they helped me out that bazaar weekend! Not in photo, Ate Malou who helped out during Day 1 and the other half of EFFY, Erika.
3End of Summer Clearance Sale Bazaar at the World Trade Center, 11 AM – 9 PM

Being as this bazaar was primarily focused on being a clearance sale, most, if not all the shops sold their items at super steal prices! I had to go through the bazaar 2-4 times before finally deciding which items I should take home with me – I’m quite savvy when it comes to shopping lately #growingupprobs. There was so much to see and buy! But of course, there were particular shops that caught my eye. Here are my…


4#8 – Tickles by Taylor (@ticklesbytaylor)

Their super cute (and super affordable) lego key chains and handmade watches got me going “Oh la la!”. My little sister bought 3 of these superhero key chains and my best friend Phoebe bought one of their watches – it had a very Tumblriffic world map design on its face and brown leather straps!

5#7 – Thrift Shop Pop-up

I am a huge fan of thrift shops (aka ukay-ukays) and I haven’t gone thrifting in forever. So when I saw a pop-up thrift store near the end of the bazaar premises – I knew I had to check it out ASAP! I love bargains and I love vintage. This leather and faux fur vest caught my eye right away. I wanted to buy it sooooo bad, but alas, it was a size too big for me. I would usually rummage through a whole thrift shop (aka it would take me hours) but I wanted to spend my time exploring other shops at the bazaar as well.

6#6 – Vintage Collectibles

This shop is perfect for all you vintage collectors out there! There were a lot of awesome vintage treasures on sale. Take for example, these Coca-Cola vintage pinup wall clocks that made me wish I had my own huge room. Kidding Abby, I love sharing a room with you my best bud! And these Audrey Hepburn collectible photo packs begged me to take them home. I asked the kind ladies who manned this shop what their name was, but sadly, they didn’t have one. They do frequent bazaars though, so I hope I bump into them and their store again soon.

7# 5 – Blue Republic

I have been on the lookout for a really cool and perfect fitting blazer. So when I saw this high end overruns shop (they have a lot of pretty Dorothy Perkins dresses on sale as well), I knew I had to rummage through their racks for even a little while. My top two picks from this shop were a dark blue and plaid blazer – both from Banana Republic. You can check out Blue Republic at their Greenhills branch as well!

8#4 – Mr. & Mrs. Green (@mrandmrsgreen)

SUCCULENTS GALORE! Again, if I had my own apartment or something, I would’ve probably taken home quite a few of these pretty babies. They’re sold at a super affordable price and they’re potted with love – aka they come in different quirky pots that suit your taste.

9#3 – Bare Necessities MNL

This shop reminded me of the time I was at this sock store in Hong Kong – unlimited cute socks for sale galore! My little sister took home 2 pairs – the Frozen and the Little Prince ones. Definitely going to order from this store online, I think they make for the perfect gifts! Oh, they also sold pajama sets and boxers as well!

10#2 – Mio Gelato

This. THIS! I ate this gelato during Day 1 & 2 – it’s that good! The texture and flavors were just delicious (think Ferrero, Black Chocolate, Green Tea Kit Kat, Bubblegum, etc.). At Php 80-100 a scoop, it’s quite pricey, but then most gelatos are pricey anyways. I can eat this gelato all day, everyday.


12#1 – Chedelyn’s Cosmetics Collection (@chedelyncosmetics)

Honestly, this shop caught my eye right away. They had me at Day 1! This is just 1/4 of the store you guys! This is what makeup dreams are made of!

I spent most of my shopping money (and time) at this store. Hoho! They have EV-ERY-THING – concealers, highlighters, mascaras, brushes, lipsticks, balm stains, contour powders, etc. I purchased a new mascara, a liquid concealer (that I’ll use for contouring), and…oh gosh! I forgot what else! It was either a Stila lip stain pencil or a matte setting powder. They’re on IG…let the makeup shopping continue!

So, those were my TOP 8 SHOPS! What did you guys think? We’re you at the EOS bazaar was well? Let me know what you think in the comments section below! 🙂


145 Panel Cap: Illest | Crop Top: Forever 21 | Gingham Pants: EFFY | Denim Jacket: Thrifted

I can’t wait to attend a bazaar again soon (and hopefully, eat that gelato again)! Thank you for having me again Heatwave Team! I had so much fun and you guys were so easy to work with. Also, thank you to all the gals who dropped by EFFY and shopped! <3

All the best,

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Photos by: Paolo Salgado



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