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Retro Summer

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After googling (and ogling) “60s Riviera Fashion”, I found myself craving for some crisp button downs, stripes, flowy denim dresses, round sunglasses, tailored (but loose) trousers, and all things linen.

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It wasn’t long before Giordano came to the fashion rescue with their Retro Summer collection! Like a classy trip to 60’s Riviera, where casual chic is king, Giordano’s S/S 2015 collection offers classic silhouettes, like long sleeve shirts and shorts, in nature’s soft hues.

Here I am trying on a few pieces from their linen centered collection. This Beef approves! If you must know, linen is perfect for hot humid days (aka most days in The PH).

photo 7_zpssfvwpxhg.jpg
Dressing room selfie!

Honestly, I had a hard time choosing – there were so many timeless pieces, Giordano staples (basic crew neck tees, chinos, etc.), plus, there was a sale going on when I visited! Sale = every woman’s favorite four letter word.

photo 3_zpsxnyw9agu.jpg

After a few trips to the dressing room, I finally decided to take home a pair of linen pastel pink shorts and this AWESOME leather sleeved varsity jacket.

photo 4_zpsetyz6ipx.jpg


photo 6_zpsnw8k8hon.jpg


photo 5_zpsfrdapnpm.jpg
Varsity Jacket: Giordano | Striped Bodysuit: Forever 21 | Pastel Pink Shorts: Giordano | White Sneakers: Keds

Thank you Giordano for sharing your Retro Summer collection with me! I can’t wait to visit again soon with Dad (he’s a Giordano fan)! You guys should drop by any of their branches this weekend with your family – you’ll surely find something for everybody! 🙂

My 60s Riviera dream is almost complete – now I just need to go to the beach, ride a top down, or cruise around in a yacht…or all of the above! <3


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Photos by: Jon Delos Reyes

For more information about the collection and all things Giordano, check out their Facebook page at



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