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Ask The Beef

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It’s been awhile since I’ve answered your Tumblr Ask questions! Round one, here we go! 🙂

Anonymous #1: I miss it so much too! 🙁 Huhu! I recently watched “Begin Again” and my heart got sad. I miss singing, doing covers, writing random lyrics, practicing piano/guitar…I’ll do my best to have a more musical year this 2015! 🙂

Anonymous #2: Ohhh! That sounds fun! If I have time, I’ll try to make a vlog for this question! 🙂

Anonymous #3: Hi there! I feel your pain! </3 I wish we cared for our armpits more before (bec. I honestly did not care about armpits ‘til I graduated from college/currently trying to undo the damage huhu)! I’ve tried quite a few remedies here and there, but so far, I learned that the best thing to somehow re-whiten your armpits is to be kind to it. I’ve learned somewhere that our armpit skin is VERY DELICATE – hence it easily discolors when we don’t handle it with care.

Here are some tips that have been kind of helping me revive my pits: IPL sessions (versus shaving or waxing, as these hair removal procedures aren’t so armpit skin friendly), using an alcohol and aluminum free deodorant (the ones from Human Nature are GREAT!), lightly & gently patting my armpits dry after bathing (as opposed to scrubbing/rubbing it), avoiding armpit constricting clothes, and lately, I’ve been trying this Thailand product that supposedly helps whiten your armpits (it’s called New White and I purchase mine from The LM Shop).

Hope we get Katy Perry pretty pits someday! Update me with your armpit whitening diaries! I’d love to exchange tips and experiences! 🙂

Anonymous #4: Hi! 🙂 I studied in Ateneo de Manila University, where I graduated last 2011 as a Bachelor of Fine Arts, Major in Information Design.

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Anonymous #5: Hallo! Hehe! I don’t really have an official/personal photographer. I usually ask whomever is willing to shoot my OOTD for the day (usual suspects include: my little sister, my brother, my bestfriend, my officemate, and my Dad). For awhile last 2013-2014ish though, my friend Jon (who is now a busy man *ehem* haha) would take most of my photos and he’s really good at it! 🙂

Lately, Paolo would take my photos when he’d come visit me. 🙂

Anonymous #6: Hi Anonymous! Aww! That’s so awesome to hear! 🙂 I’m glad you like my beefy soul hehe! My “Beef” actually started when my college friends would call me by my old email address (aka gelabee) as a nickname of sorts. Then eventually, my blockmate Sev started adding an F to the end of gelabee and “Gelabeef” was born! It was random at first, but somehow it suits me (hopefully)? Since then, the word beef has been part of my “identity”. 🙂

Lol at all the air bunnies that I used to answer this question! :))

glazedpagesofmylife: Why thank you! <3 Sorry to inform you though, my hair is now…DARK BROWN/ALMOST BLACK! *GASP* One of my goals this year to let it rest, before I dive into a rainbow hair colored pool again hehe! You should totally go for it though! 🙂 Surprise your boyfriend with your new sexy purple hair! Before you know it, he’s a purple hair convert (especially since his lovely girlfriend is the owner of said purple hair) hihi! 😉 Thanks for browsing through my blog! Stay cute and sweet! :*

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Anonymous #7: Hallo! Awwwwwwwwww! You’re making my heart melt and while making me simultaneously flash a “Ahuhu My Heart is Melting” smile! :(( Thank you so much for the compliments! <3 If it helps, I used to not be confident about how I looked. I just did not find myself pretty (not even 1%). I just woke up one day and decided that I was going to change my perspective. I was wasting my time comparing my looks with other girls (God lovingly and thoughtfully created me this way, why compare?), I was wasting my time thinking about what other people thought, and I was definitely wasting my time crying about my flaws. I decided that I was going to WERK with the beauty that God has assigned to me and werk it well! 😉 You have to (REALLLLYYYY) believe that you’re amazing and that God loves you regardless – then you’ll gain an unwavering confidence that even the meanest mean girls can’t shake! You’ll also come to find that your flaws are actually things that people like about you (it’s quite unbelievable at first)! Life’s too short to worry about what the world wants, look and feel beautiful for yourself and for God – the only audience that matters. 🙂

*EDIT: I already had a good answer for this but alas my tab closed out of nowhere and I was quite sad for a few minutes. Huhu! Hoping I still got the message across!

As for the makeover…OH EM GEE! I am so down for that! I’m a sucker for styling and makeover-ing people out! I’d love to help you break out of your shell and show you how beautiful you really are! 😉 As for the lipstick shades, it has always been a trial and error process for me. So far, I have found out that bright/Barbie pink (or pink shades in general) do not suit me well and that peachy, red, and dark shades suit me best. My best friend is a beautiful morena and she prefers wearing nude, bright red, and pink shades. Maybe you can try those out? Also, here’s a really helpful article that could help you find shades that will suit your skin tone! 🙂

Anonymous #8: Huhuhuhuhu! Thank you so much kind Anonymous! 🙂 Keep on spreading the love! <3

Anonymous #9: Hiiii! Yes! Ginagamit ko nga ang Physiogel for my daily skincare routine – as a moisturizer (yung cream formula) and as a cleanser (their facial cleansers are great). Oh! I also use their lotion! My skin feels so nourished and soft after using it! You can use the cleanser to keep your face clean and balance out the oils, but I don’t think it was made to target acne problems. 🙁

BUT! Send me an email ( and I can share with you my acne battling regimen! 😉

Alrighty! That’s it for now! Part two of this long overdue “Ask The Beef” soon! 🙂


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