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Keep Calm and Doodle!

photo 1_zpsc1c012bb.jpg

It’s time to find out what’s inside this pretty box from FILED! Well, if you follow me on Instagram, you probably already know! 😉

photo 2_zpsf9b0dbff.jpg

TADAH! It’s FILED’s Wanderland package, featuring the Doodle Planner 2015! Let’s have a quick sneak peek shall we?

photo 3_zps891e324f.jpg

Make your planner come alive by adding a face via these cute stickers!

photo 4_zps9fc36639.jpg


photo 5_zps54c99115.jpg

Loving the expandable monthly calendars!

photo 6_zps51730f11.jpg


photo 7_zps50464184.jpg

“Things Coming Alive” artworks – each month comes with a unique artwork…can you feel the doodle-y love for February?

photo 8_zpsa50570be.jpg


photo 10_zpsc96b81a3.jpg

Wonder why I chose to show y’all the daily pages of June? June 5 to be exact…*cough cough*!

photo 9_zps7c22c420.jpg


photo 11_zpsb5c10a77.jpg

I’m letting the photos speak for themselves because this planner need not be explained to let you know how awesome it is!

I will tell you though that you can finally order this planner from FILED for only Php 545 (about $12.48)! That includes the customizable magnetic bookmark, the backpack inspired pen slinger, facial expression stickers, a handy kraft pocket inside the planner, and of course a whole lotta doodle-able/creative juices inducing planner pages for you to fill out!

So what are you waiting for? Keep calm and doodle away with FILED’s doodlelicious 2015 Doodle Planner! Can’t wait to get creative with mine! 🙂

All the best,

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P.S. They also have another equally awesome planner – the Scribble planner! For more information on both planners, check out!



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