Gela Muñoz is a 27 year old blogger, youtuber, stylist, twin sister, and content creator. She is also part owner of EFFY Clothing and a development company apprentice.

She desires to bring glory to God in whatever she does (and hopes to dress stylishly in the process, too.).


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queencln: Thank you for always being so sweet and thoughtful Celine! 🙂 Merry Christmas too and God bless always! Love ya! <3

Anonymous #1: Hi there! It’s a mixture of Wet & Wild’s Megalast Lipstick in Vamp It Up and NYX’s Matte Lipstick in Alabama! 🙂


I just wanna say I love both NYX and W&W lipsticks – they’re super pigmented, loveee the matte ones, and they won’t hurt your wallet! I highly recommend them! 🙂 And yay! Glad we’re both obsessing over dark lippies! They really are gorgeous! <3

P.S. Vamp it Up & Alabama look gorgeous when worn separately too! 😉


Anonymous #2: You’re soooo sweet! You really made my day! Thank you so much! Huhu! :((( <3 Honey, I’m soooo sure you’re not ugly or too thin (otherwise, I would’ve given up on posing for photos because I used to think that I wasn’t pretty enough)! But then I realized that, God NEVER creates anything that isn’t beautiful or made to shine! 🙂 And my clothes aren’t expensive trust me! Hehe! On sale/marked down/bargain/thrifted clothes fan girl here! 😀 You just really have to look for versatile or one of a kind pieces that fit your budget! 🙂

I can’t wait to meet you already – you sound like a firecracker! I’m pretty sure you can be anything you want to be! 😉

Anonymous #3: Yesiree! But! I’ve recently started dating (yiheee), so let’s see what God has in store for me! 🙂

Well that was fun! It’s always nice to hear from you guys! 🙂

Oh! Belated Merry Christmas by the way and wishing you all a supercalifragalisticexpialidocious New Year! <3

2014 here we comeeee! 🙂


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