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December 16, 2013


Anonymous #1: Hallo there! 🙂 It was a gift from my bestfriend but I believe she bought it from this shop! Hope I helped out! <3

Anonymous #2: Awww thanks yo! 🙂 For some reason this song played in my head! :))

Anonymous #3: *blushes* Thank you again! :3 Y’all making my night anonymous homies! <3


Anonymous #4: Let’s just say that… I never went out on dates ‘til late last year? Huhuhahafalalalagooblegooblegooble!

Anonymous #5: I have 1 ex and his name’s Adam Brody….I wish huhu! I’ve never had a boyfriend before so, zero, zero exes. If legit “MUs” are counted though …2 and ½? HAHAHA!

HAHA! These questions you guys! :)) Anyways! Hope those answers were beefy enough for y’all!

Happy Monday! <3


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