Gela Muñoz is a 27 year old blogger, youtuber, stylist, twin sister, and content creator. She is also part owner of EFFY Clothing and a development company apprentice.

She desires to bring glory to God in whatever she does (and hopes to dress stylishly in the process, too.).


Ask The Beef


winonaaubry: Aww thanks so much! <3 Sweet points for youuu! 🙂

lushluxx: Hi there! Well, I Googled for Polaroid textures, picked ones that I wanted to use (OR deviantART has some awesome pre-made ones), and then used Photoshop to put everything together! 🙂

Anonymous #1: Hallo sir! *tips hat*

treeeeee-sha: Hiiii! 🙂 First of all, thank you sooo much for complimenting my beefy style! I really appreciate it! Hihi! *blushes* <3 And secondly, my favorite shopping haunts would have to be:

1. Thrift Shops – The best place to shop on a budget, get awesome one of a kind fashion pieces, and they’re vintage gold mines!

2. S-A-L-E-S! – I just love finding awesome pieces (or pieces I’ve been eyeing) for cheap/marked down prices! 🙂 My favorite sales would have to be Topshop’s, Trilogy’s, and SM Department Store’s!

3. Online Shops – Online shops used to be the kryptonite of my wallet! :)) Lately I’ve been shopping at Copper, Everything Nice, F21 US, and W.E. Garage! 🙂

4. Bazaars – One of the best places to find looootssss of clothes for cheap when you have no time to go to the Divi! 🙂

Speaking of bazaars, I hope y’all could come swing by The Pergola Mall this weekend! I’m helping out with their first bazaar before Christmas! 🙂

And I hope I was able to answer all your questions! <3


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