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Ask The Beef/A Little Excerpt on “Moving On”


Anonymous #1: First of all you’re so cute! 🙂 Secondly, I don’t find it awkward? Hihi! Well for me at least! 😀 I think you should anticipate it especially if you’re blogging or are on any social networking sites and such. So I don’t think you should worry about it darlin’! If anything, you should feel awesome that you are “google-able”! 😉

UNLESS! It’s some secret online blog (like Jenna’s from Awkward) then maybe it’s okay to feel awkward/worry about it! :))

Anonymous #2: Currently I am working part time as an events/pr person & graphic artist for a development corporation. I’m also freelancing as a stylist and graphic artist. And lastly, I’m an aspiring musician, beefy blogger, and God lovah full time! 😉 (You can check all of my thangs out on them categories underneath my banner! :D)

Anonymous #3: Hihihi :3


Nisrandom: Oh hi there! 🙂 I super love them and their services! 😀 Your question made me want to do a Glam Salon blog post! Hmmmm! I think I should so you can see the whole shebang! 😉 Hope you could stay tuned for that, getting my roots done asap! 😀 As for the prices for hair dying, it’s about P 800.00 and up depending on your hair length, thickness, and “mission”. 🙂

Anonymous #4: Oh wow! This is a hard one but I’ll try my best to share my insights regarding your situation. I feel you because I too am an overthinker (I think most girls are wired that way! I think LOL!). I fret over every little thing and always, ALWAYS, think of all the possible outcomes, scenarios, and possibilities. Hehe! I think we should learn to sort our thoughts out. Like, which thoughts deserve to be thought about, which thoughts we can postpone ‘til further notice, and completely scrap out thoughts that are just making us craaay!

I believe moving on, like moving on to the next chapter of your life, always starts with a CHOICE. A choice to actually step out of your past life, self, or mindset and say “Hey, this isn’t going to be me anymore, starting today, I choose to be someone better than yesterday, I chose to not feel this way anymore, I chose to shrug it off and live anew.”

We can’t stay stuck in the same position forever just because we’ve suffered or experienced a lot of pain/bad times, lest we rot in there and prevent ourselves from growing and actually living with a purpose. If we do that we’re actually letting those bad things win!

But at the same time, its not the same for everybody. Making a choice doesn’t come that easy. It still depends on what happened (aka “the gravity of the situation”) and on the person’s character. So it helps if you have a support group or person who can help you slowly make your way/can be accountable for your progress/can keep you in check.

Oh my! I feel this is getting too long! So let’s wrap this up! 😉 I think you should let go of these thoughts that are preventing you from moving on. Hehe! Let’s stop being overthinkers for a bit and put those thoughts in the trash folder! Maybe that’s the choice you have to make? 😀 Slowly (but steadily) think of other things you can look forward to/are excited to do soon/new beginnings/God’s blessings instead! 😀

Hope all my answers helped! God bless everybodyyyy! 😀


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