Gela Muñoz is a 27 year old blogger, youtuber, stylist, twin sister, and content creator. She is also part owner of EFFY Clothing and a development company apprentice.

She desires to bring glory to God in whatever she does (and hopes to dress stylishly in the process, too.).


Thursday Beef


treeeeee-sha: Awww really? Is it because of our toothy smiles? :3 HAHA! I shall accept this compliment because I seriously loveeee Pitch Perfect and her pretty voice! 🙂 Thanks! 🙂

Anonymous #1: My height is 5’5! Not really tall I believe hehe, normal height? 🙂 And thanks so much! Glad you like my beef <3

Anonymous #2: Hi! I bought my Solemates from SM Department Store, I believe that’s the only place where you can purchase them. 🙂

thepauperstale: Hihi! Glad you asked! 🙂 It all started with my highschool email address – it was gelabee09. I still kept my gelabee email address when I was in college (well, until now hehe). You know how people call you sometimes by your online name or something? Well, they’d call me Gelabee. Then one day, my friend Sev added an F and started calling me Gelabeef! From then on, college friends/blockmates would call me Gelabeef or Beef! 🙂


Anonymous #3: Aww! 🙁 I hope I haven’t been disappointing you anonymous! I apologize for the lack of “real posts” lately because I have been really busy this May. But I do promise to put up more quality posts in the coming days. Hope you’ll stay tuned for that! 🙂 Thanks for the reminder/feedback super appreciate it! 🙂

Supperceline: Celine gurl, you too are beautiful! Same goes for all my loverly readers! You are all beautiful inside and out. 🙂

Have an awesome Thursday night!

All the best,

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