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Top 5 Steps to Beating the Sick Outta Sickness

Okay so before I got sick, I watched High Fidelity last Tuesday night and have been listing things in forms of Top 5’s lately. So this will be the first, of many, Top 5 lists I’ll be blogging about in this beefy blog of mine 🙂 Honestly, this list would have been much awesomerrrr if I had actual photos, so instead, I got a few of my famous friends to help out…aka Mr. Google and young hollywood!

1. Sleep the days away (but wake up when they shower you with your favorite food because the world loves you unconditionally more when you’re sick and also wake up when you have to take your medications).

2. Try to not use your laptop/go online, too much computer makes your brain go loco when you’re NOT sick, so what more when you are?

3. Drink everything (good for you)!!!! Gatorade! H20! Berrocca them cold glasses of watterrr up son!

4. For all you body clock rebels out there like me, this is the RIGHT TIME to get back on track, wake up early, sleep early, and have some good ol’ breakfast :3

And to end this first Top 5 list…

5. PLAY FREAKIN’ MONOPOLY DEAL! HAHA I may sound insane but dayum, I feel so much better today after playing. Or did 21 Jump Street just tickle my funny bones and funnied me back to health? Hmmmm….

Now I’m going to crawl back into my blanket cocoon till my family summons me to play or bribes me out with food.

All the best,

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